Map of the Milky Way (2420)

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Federation space has expanded past Talarian Space. After expansion Starfleet discovered the Visu Ban system, where a Station that had an artificial wormhole generator that connects to near the Gamma/Delta Quadrant border called the Lantea System. From there the Federation set up a heavily fortified base and began to spread out across the Gamma and Delta Quadrants.

Klingon Empire
The Klingon Empire expanded heavily into Romulan Space, conquering many systems, until the Romulan/Cardassian Empirical Alliance forced the Klingons from most of the systems the conquered. The Empire began expansion out past Tholian Space. After Starfleet expanded to the Gamma Quadrant, the Klingons were granted access to the wormhole to colonize planets.

Romulan Star Empire
After the Klingons were forced out Romulan Space, the Empire sought to restablish the Neutral Zone. They went to war with the Federation, unfortunately the underestimated Starfleet and lost, the RNZ was restablished but was further back, giving the Federation more systems then before.

Cardassian Union
The Cardassian Union lost much of its space during the war with the Klingons and never regained it after the Klingons withdrew their forces.