After the defeat of Shinzon, the Romulan Star Empire were left politically crippled. This opened the door for the Klingon Empire to step in and take power. After the Star Empire was usurped, the Klingon Controlled Romulan Empire was formed with the Klingon High Council as the head of the Romulan Senate. The Empire disolved the the Treaty of Algeron, which removed the Neutral Zone and allowed the Federation to use cloaking devices.


Whilst exploring the new areas of space, the Federation discovered a wormhole that was a stable connection to the space between the Gamma/Delta Quadrants. Starfleet fortified both ends of the wormhole and began to colonize systems in the two quadrants, and began to explore these new areas of space.

2391 & 2398

After 11 years of Klingon Control, the Romulan people and government called for help from the Cardassian Union to help liberate the empire. This alliance was successful and gave birth to a new force in the galaxy; The Romulan/Cardassian Empircal Alliance.

After 7 years of rebuilding and cooperations, many of the Romulan citizens in the Alliance became restless with the alliance, and a minor civil war broke out between the citizens of the Alliance. The Romulan and Cardassian Leaders decided that it was time to part ways and dissolved the Alliance, restoring the Cardassian Union and forming the 2nd Romulan Star Empire

2392 - 2401

In 2392 a meeting of the Federation Council was called and all of the member states agreed that a major overhaul of Federation Policies was needed due to the amount of times in recent years that enemies of the Federation had tried to destroy all the Federation held dear. Over the next 10 years an overhaul began, all starships designs were reformed and new designs were introduced that were more geared for defence rather than exploration. New protocols were introduced that allowed for greater defensive outposts to be established throughout Federation Space, and a greater presence across the Romulan Boarder

2405 - 2408

The Klingon Empire comes under attack from the Romulans. The Klingon Empire, which has not yet fully recovered from the war against the Romulan/Cardassian Empirical Alliance. With Federation assistance, the Empire managed to hold the Romulans at bay and force a cease fire.

By 2408 The Klingon Empire had managed to return to full strength using the information that they downloaded from the Star Empires database whilst they in control, giving them new ship designs and weapons.


The 2nd Romulan Star Empire declare war on the Federation for their assistance in the war with the Klingons. The Federation were well prepared with Cloaked patrols along the Neutral Zone, and Heavy Defensive Platforms in key systems. The Federation won the war, and the Neutral Zone was redrawn giving new space to the Federation.

2413 & 2415

The Klingon Empire move on the Cardassian Union as retailiation for 2391. The Klingons manage to wipe out most the Union, but a Borg assault on the Klingon Empire forces them to pull out of Cardassian Space to deal with the Borg.

After 2 years of driving off Borg Assaults, the Klingon Empire managed to destroy the Borg Foothold.


During the Dominion War of 2373-2375, the Dominion left 1 shape changer on Cardassia Prime as a Spy to watch the Progress of the Alpha Quadrant.

After the Klingon/Cardassian War of 2413, the Dominion Spy relayed to his superiors that Cardassia was at a level where they would provide no resistance to Dominion take over. Using Transwarp technology stolen from the Borg, the Dominion managed to transfer a massive fleet straight into the heart of the Cardassian Union without crossing the vast distance of the Gamma Quadrant or using the Bajoran Wormhole.


The Federation begin development on Project Archangel

All Details are Classified


Archeologists discover information in the Gamma Quadrant about a Race called the Polaris who explored the galaxy and built stations in different regions of the Galaxy. From what was discovered, the Polaris were more advanced then any race that currently exist.



The Federation discover another Borg attempt to gain a foot hold in the Alpha Quadrant. Utlizing new technologies, Starfleet launch a massive attack on the Borg. However things aren't going to be that simple. The Borg have also been gaining new technology by assimilating races from another galaxy. Using an updated version of Technology 2702 the Borg managed to open a portal to the relatively close Triangulum Galaxy. They met heavy resistance but managed to assimilate 1 advanced race before they had to return to the Delta Quadrant.


When the Federation leave to fight the Borg in the Delta Quadrant, the Klingons are left to defend the Alpha Quadrant. Seeing this opportunity, the Dominion launch a devastating attack on the Alpha Quadrant, decimating the remaining Federation forces. The Klingons step in to crush the Dominion and destroy their link to the Alpha Quadrant, but it wont be easy, the Dominion are recieving help.....but from who?


With the a few Borg (including the Queen) once again trapped in the Alpha Quadrant. The Collective must attempt to either gain a foothold or return to the Delta Quadrant. But that wont be easy, with the major Alpha and Beta Quadrant races attempting to destroy what remains of the Collective and a race from the Triangulum Galaxy finds its way to the Alpha & Delta Quadrants looking to wipe out the Borg.