Project Archangel Team

Here you can meet the Project Archangel Team, and learn a little about them


Hi, Im DaveyG1986, and project lead here on Project Archangel.

I've been modding (mostly just for me) since Star Trek Armada 2 came out.

Erm...Something personal....erm...Im 22, from Manchester, working as an Information Manager for a major construction contractor.

Im also now learning how to model, so mite be releasing some kitbashes in the mod

Projects I Am Working On:

Project Polaris
The Federation Update
The Klingon Update
The Romulan Update
Graphical Updates


Hi, Im sokar2002, 2nd in charge of Project Archangel. When Davey isnt around I will be posting all of the blogs.

I have been modding for a while now (only ever released 2 things; an NX01 class and a cloakable Federation Fleet - both released on Armada Fleet Command)

I've known Davey for a fair few years, and enjoy working with him on this mod.

Personal: I am 21, working in Manchester as an IT Technician

Projects I Am Working On:

Project Daedalus
Project: Dominion Occupation
Unnamed Triangulum Race
Script writing for new voice overs (not for initial release tho)


Im Richard, just call me rich. I havent been modding long. Only about a year. I havent released much. But when I do there mainly ports form other games. I'm also learning to texture but im not skilled enougth to do a full texture yet, mainley just small texture edits. Im from a town called Ash Vale which is in sout-east england.

Projects I Am Working On:

Model Porting
Borg Update


Hey, Im the Doctor (or Chris if u prefer! lol)

I work with Davey in Manchester, and i have been modding for about 6 months now. I have never released anything before.

I will be doing R&D, coming up with new things for the mod that might be useful.....if not in this release then in a future Patch or Sequel

Projects I Am Working On: